Urban Made

This is a family owned business that does all the wood work ourself! We make wooden post that can sit at your front door or inside your house that has a welcome board in which you can Velcro the different seasons and holidays as they come!

Why Choose Us?

We are a husband and wife team that hand makes all of our products starting with raw material from 4x8 sheets of MDF boards that is cut down & made into back boards that are 5 in by 5 in & 4x4 post cut & sanded and all the parts to create a seasonal change out are all sanded  , painted & nailed  by hand to our satisfaction . Satisfaction to us is seeing customers react to our work in the way they do at every possible purchase (To hear this is the best thing I've ever seen and the craftsmanship is amazing and being hand made in this day in time is a testimony in the pride we have in our products ) is so gratifying to my wife & myself we spend countless hours to get to our finished products & to hear that we know it's well worth the hard work that is put into our products .Thanks to all of our customers that have made us who we are & all the future customers that want to Go Postal.

We met a customer Michelle that is a realtor that was walking around Canton for hours to find new home owners a gift when they purchase a home from her when she saw our welcome post she became a customer for life she has since purchased multiple welcome posts with saying that she told us that all her customers have different taste in decor but what makes them all have something  in common is they love the welcome post. 

Michelle Jones

About Us

Haley & Todd Kuhlmann

store owner

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